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  • How all of it started - some reminiscences about the first international colloquia in the stability series


  • Some issues for column stability criteria
  • The effect of edge support on tensile membrane action of composite slabs in fire
  • Latest developments in the GBT analysis of thin-walled steel structures
  • Dual-steel frames for multistory buildings in seismic areas
  • Advanced stability analysis of regular stiffened plates and complex plated elements
  • Direct strength design of cold-formed sections for shear and combined actions
  • Manufacturing specifications for hollow sections in 2010
  • Numerical study on stainless steel beam-columns with transverse loading


  • Improved cross frame connection details for steel bridges with skewed supports
  • Flange thirkness transitions of bridge griders-buckling behaviour in global bending
  • A visco-elastic sandwich solution for orthotropic decks of steel bridges
  • Elegance and economy - a new viaduct over the river Llobregat
  • Design of beam-to-beam butt-plate joints in composite bridges


  • Experimental analysis of composite connections using slab made by precast joist with lattice and bricks
  • Response of end-plate joints under combined forces
  • Influence of member components on the structural performance of beam-to-column joints of pitched roof portal frames with class 3 and 4 sections
  • Application of Eurocode 3 to steel connections with four bolts per horizontal row
  • A new hybrid testing procedure of the low cycle fatigue behaviour for structural elements and connections
  • Proposal of a three-dimensional semi-rigid composite joint: tests and finite element models
  • Strength and ductility of bolted T-stub macro-components under monotonic and cyclic loading
  • Prediction of the cyclic behaviour of moment resistant beam-to-column joints of composite structural elements
  • Numerical modeling of joint ductility in steel and steel-concrete composite frames
  • Influence of chord axial loading on the stiffness and resistance of welded “T” joints of SHS members
  • Experimental studies of behaviour of composite beam-column flush end plate connections subjected seismic loading
  • Modelling connections of moment resisting steel frames for seismic analysis
  • Influence of local plastic buckling of joint on carrying capacity of a thin-walled truss
  • Numerical analysis of endplate beam-to-column joints under bending and axial force
  • Loss of preload in bolted connections due to embedding and self loosening
  • Plastic resistance of L-stubs joints subjected to tensile forces
  • Composite beam modelling at real scale including beam-to-beam joint
  • Resistance of laser made t RHS joints under compression load
  • Cold-formed steel and concrete composite beams: study of beam-to-column connection and region of hogging bending
  • Shear bolted connections: numerical model for a ductile component, the plate-bolt in bearing


  • Considerations on the design, analysis and performances of eccentrically braced composite frames under seismic action
  • Effect of the loading modelling, human heel impact and structural damping on the dynamic response of composite footbriges
  • Structural damage assessment using the differential evolution and the ant colony optimization techniques
  • Free and forced nonlinear vibrations of steel frames with semi-rigid connections
  • Static and dynamic behavior of lens-type shear panel dampers for highway bridge bearing
  • Elasto-plastic buckling behavior of H-shaped beam with large depth-thickness ratio under cyclic loading
  • Analytical studies of a full-scale steel building shaken to collapse
  • Robustness of steel and composite buildings under impact loading
  • Design of steel frames of dissipative shear walls
  • Effects of wind and earthquake on a 3 dimensional steel structure for the central corridor roof (central spine) at TCS campus at Siruseri, Chennai (India) - a case study
  • Influence of system uncertainties on structural damage identification through ambient vibrations of steel structures
  • Non-linear dynamic analysis of stayed steel columns
  • Dynamic response of conical and spherical shell structures subjected to blast pressure


  • Interaction diagrams for design of concrete-filled tubular columns under fire
  • Ductility of simple steel connections in fire
  • Methodology for reliability-based design of steel members exposed to fire
  • Capacity reduction and fire load factors for steel columns exposed to fire
  • Stability of steel columns subjected to fire
  • Fire behavior of concrete-filled steel circular hollow section columns with massive steel core
  • Buckling of concrete filled steel hollow columns in case of fire
  • Buckling of steel and composite steel and concrete columns in case of fire
  • A coupled fluid-thermal-mechanical analysis of composite structures under fire conditions
  • Behaviour of composite floor beam with web openings at high temperatures
  • To shear resistance of castellated beam exposed to fire
  • Numerical analysis of steel columns considering the walls on fire condition
  • On the strength and DSM design of cold-formed steel columns failing distortionally under fire conditions


  • The collapse load in submarine pipelines under compressive load and internal pressure
  • Stability analysis of 3D frames using a mixed co-rotational formulation
  • Plastic collapse mechanisms in compressed elliptical hollow sections
  • Collapse of a steel structure as a result of local buckling
  • Strength and ductility of steel beams with flange holes
  • Residual stress measurements in roller bent he 100b sections
  • Lateral torsional buckling of space structures with I-beams - structural behavior and calculation
  • Analytical derivation of a generalized-slenderness formula for in-plane beam-column design and comparison with interaction-concept formulae
  • Load bearing capacity of bracing members with almost centric joints
  • Finite element modeling of angle bracing member behavior in experimentally tested sub-frame specimens
  • Influence of splices on the stability behaviour of columns and frames
  • Further results on the application of the extrapolation techniques
  • Elastic lateral-distortional buckling of singly symmetric i-beams: the 2005 AISC specification
  • System stability design criteria for aluminum structures
  • Advanced nonlinear investigations of a 50 m span frame case study: the steel structure of the ice rink, city of Targus-Mures, Romania
  • Local post-buckling behaviour of elliptical tubes
  • Plastic design of stainless steel structures
  • Inelastic behaviour of partially restrained steel frames
  • Robust design – alternate load path method as design strategy
  • Use of eigenvalue analysis for different levels of stability design
  • The non-destructive measurement of residual stresses in stainless steel roll formed sections
  • Influence of flange-to-web connection on the patch load resistance of I beams
  • Further studies on the lateral-torsional buckling of steel web-tapered beam-columns: analytical studies
  • Lateral buckling of continuous steel beams with hinges


  • The interaction behaviour of steel plated structures under transverse loading, bending moment and shear force
  • Hybrid steel plate girders subjected to patch loading
  • Numerical and experimental research in tapered steel plate girders subjected to shear
  • Shear strength of steel plates with reinforced opening
  • Crack initiation under static loads including the influence of residiual welding stresses
  • The fatigue and serviceability limit states of the webs of steel girders subjected to repeated loading
  • Imperfections in steel plated structures and their impact on ultimate strength
  • Imperfection sensitivity analysis of longitudinally stiffened plated girders subjected to bending-shear interaction


  • Influence of geometry on the dynamic buckling and bifurcations of cylindrical shells
  • Buckling of a shallow rectangular bimetallic shell subjected to outer loads and temperature
  • A geometry based method for the stability analysis of plates
  • Critical loads and stability of an open elastic-plastic cylindrical shell with the core of variable stiffness


  • Ductile response of composite steel and concrete frames
  • Stability and ductility of castellated composite beams subjected to hogging bending
  • Shear connection in steel and concrete composite trusses
  • Steel and concrete composite building structures – an economical approach
  • Behavior of steel-concrete composite beams with flexible shear connectors
  • Influence of the friction at the support in the longitudinal shear strength of composite slab
  • A parametric analysis of composite beams with t-perfobond shear connectors
  • FE modelling of slender concrete-filled stainless steel tubular columns under axial compression
  • Buckling resistance of steel-concrete columns composed of high-strength materials


  • Effects of distortion on the shear stiffness of rack structures
  • Buckling, post-buckling, collapse and design of two-span cold-formed steel beams
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of polyurethane sandwich panels
  • Imperfections’ sensitivity analysis of pitched roof cold-formed steel portal frames
  • Ultimate limit strength of perforated cold-formed steels sections
  • On the use of cold-formed thin walled members for vertical addition of existing masonry buildings
  • Theoretical analysis of perforated rack columns
  • Optimization of cold-formed steel channel using the direct strenght method and finite strip method
  • Experimental investigation of high strength cold-formed supacee sections in shear
  • Effective design of cold-formed thin-walled channel beams with bent edges of flanges
  • Lateral buckling of steel sigma-cross-section beams with web holes
  • Load-bearing capacity of perforated trapezoidal sheeting
  • Trapezoidal sheeting made of stainless steel – two amendments to complete the design codes
  • Pull-trough resistance of tensile-loaded screw-fastenings of thin-walled sheeting and sandwich panels
  • The cold work of forming effect in steel structural members
  • Finite element analysis of high strength cold-formed supacee sections in shear
  • Classification of stability failure modes of sandwich panels under compression loading: global and local buckling, crippling at support line
  • Strength estimation of end failures in corrugated steel shear diaphragms
  • Plate buckling according to Eurocode 3. Comparison of the effective width method and the reduced stress method
  • DSM design of lipped channel columns undergoing local/distortional/global mode interaction
  • Bracing stiffness and strength in sheathed cold-formed steel stud walls
  • Shear behaviour of trapezoidal sheeting without shear panel construction
  • Thin beam static stability analysis by an improved numerical method
  • Investigation of the test method for distortional buckling of compressed pallet rack members
  • Behaviour of expanded metal panels under shear loading
  • Analysis of contact buckling in built-up cold-formed steel beams assembled by laser welding
  • Cross-sectional stability of structural steel
  • Influence of holes on the behaviour of cold-formed steel sections under compression
  • Applications of pure and combined buckling mode calculation of thin-walled members using the finite element method
  • Post-buckling behaviour and strength of angle columns
  • Experimental study on cold-formed steel lipped channel columns undergoing local-global-distortional interaction


  • Stability bracing requirements of trusses
  • Theoretical and experimental analysis of steel space-truss with stamped connection
  • Real scale experimental analyses of circular hollow section multi-planar steel trusses
  • Natural period of steel chimneys


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